Introducing the newest competition for 2021, open to qualified attendees for either International Pizza Expo or International Artisan Bakery Expo. The International Italian Sandwich Championship will be limited to the first 30 entrants presenting a sandwich seen on the menu of a pizzeria, Italian restaurant or bakery. Sandwiches can be hot or cold Italian inspired sandwich consisting of a any combination of Italian ingredients, sauces, toppings and/or décor/garnishes on any type of bread, roll or bun. Judging will be based on Italian cuisine’s basic tenets: technique; presentation; flavor balance and taste. Competition will take place on the show floor in the Tony G Demonstration area. The winner and World Champion will receive a $2,000 check and a trophy. Second and third place prizes are $500 and $250, respectively.

NOTE: You must register as an attendee before you can enter the International Italian Sandwich competition. Registration for the competition may be completed online while you register.

View the 2020 IISC Rules.